Turbo Plant 360.

Turbo Plant is a development project supported by the Danish Industry Foundation that fosters plant-based growth among food companies in Denmark.

The vision driving Turbo Plant is to ensure the Danish food sector takes the global lead in a market where plant-driven growth is the prerequisite for both environmental and economic sustainability.

Our goal is to facilitate the green transition.

Therefore, we work with individual companies as well as strengthen the plant-focused industry as a whole, cultivating an ecosystem of strong businesses that can drive change.

Turbo Plant can assist your food company with sales and matchmaking with potential buyers of your products. Turbo Plant goes all the way with concrete support for the sales process.

Read more about the strategy behind Turbo Plant hos the Danish Industry Foundation (in Danish)

What can Turbo Plant offer your company?

If needed, Turbo Plant can also offer assistance with product development, strategy, business development, and mentoring.

Together, we assess your company’s needs so you only have to spend time on activities and services that yield results for your business.

Who can participate in Turbo Plant’s activities?

Turbo Plant targets all Danish food companies that want to help get more plants on the plate. (Why all our events are in Danish at the moment).

We have assisted everyone from entrepreneurs to billion-dollar companies – from ingredients to finished products.

It is not a requirement that the company works 100% plant-based – you just need to have ambitions to incorporate more plants into your products and onto the market.

Read about our Activities in 2024 in Danish here

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